Thanks for coming.

Here’s some stuff I’m proud of. Check out the links above for more stuff.

-improvisation with tuba, pie tin, jingle bells, and electronics

Codex Confiteor, Syncope
-Meghann Welsh, vocals, accordion, oboe, saw, and electronics | Jonathan Piper, tuba and electronics

go by land, improvisation, 7/1/17
-Michelle Lou, bass and electronics | Jonathan Piper, tuba and electronics

-improvisation with tuba, cornet, and electronics

Brian Griffeath-Loeb, Crapiccio
-an exploration into the rich creative possibilities that are revealed only when failure is intentionally and explicitly the goal.

Aquapuke, Debutante, “Side A”
-using tuba, voice, and electronics to find limits in physicality and masculinity.

G Burns Jug Band, “Jug Band Blues”, originally recorded by Sara Martin’s Jug Band
-jug band performing music from America’s early recorded history, primarily 1920s and 30s.